Sunday, June 22


I am saying goodbye to Florence in just over a week.

Although I have the option, by way of my airline, to stay until the end of July, I will depart on the original reservation date of July 1st. It would be great to stay longer (months longer) but one must be practical…occasionally. I suppose I could start working the street, as the people are doing in the pictures for this blog. Unfortunately my musical talent and singing ability are sadly lacking and my costumes are at home.

My friend Ric said that it was probably smart to leave before the July and August heat. Even today it just missed 100 Fahrenheit with 50% humidity (although I understand these figures are child’s play, considering the weather in the southwest United States). He also says that during the next two months the mosquitoes are quite thick and "bothersome" as he puts it. I will use these points as a comfort and as rationalizations for my abandoning this wonderful city.

Rosario, has suggested that we go to Bologna for the weekend. That is, if he can get the weekend off. It would be nice if we can go. But there is still so much else left that I would love to do. Oh, well. I can’t complain. Two months is a grand vacation. I sometimes forget how much I have seen and done. Unfortunately, there is a lot that I haven’t blogged yet. I am afraid, as the days pass, I won’t get to them. Sorry.

I’ll post a few pictures. But I think I will be too busy to write much (did I hear a chorus of Halleluiahs?).

Your pictures for tonight don’t even include my favorite violinist, the nightly flutist or the opera lady. Those are all on video. These pictures are just a few of the many performers and artists that help fill this city with so much life. I thank them.